The unveiling of “Essay on Reticulations” at Wolfson College, Cambridge.

On Tuesday, May 28th, at 6:30 p.m., the unveiling of “Essay on Reticulations,” a new sculptural work donated to Wolfson College, took place. This artwork is a tribute to Professor Jane Clarke, President of Wolfson College, in recognition of her landmark work on protein folding, a subject close to my heart. I am somewhat obsessed with the strange infectious proteins called prions, proteins that evolve without DNA.

Additionally, the rest of my work that will be donated to Wolfson College will also be installed at the New Cavendish Laboratory in the Ray Dolby Centre.

Here are some photos from the unveiling. In the third one, you can see Professor Brian Josephson, the Nobel Prize winner in Physics, with his wife Carol.
After the talk, I had a wonderful dinner with some members of Wolfson College, hosted by the Vice President of the College, Dr. Kevin Greenbank.

The unveiling of "Essay on Reticulations"

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