Quantum Fluctuations with Snark

Material used: Fine Grained Spanish Sandstone

DEDICATION: A tribute to Nobel Laureate and Emeritus Professor Brian Josephson, to be installed at the Cavendish Laboratories, the Department of Physics, The University of Cambridge, England.

Professor Brian Josephson has made extraordinary contributions to quantum physics and has expanded his interests into the strange world of peculiar anomalies. This sculpture represents the equally strange Alice in Wonderland quantum world that drives all matter and energy. Within the quantum field fluctuations, which make matter, there is a Lewis Carroll Snark and a Ghost of Snark in the heart of the work. My objective was to push stone to its limits and turn it into liquid stone without ending up with a pile of rubble. John A. Gowan wrote some imaginative articles on interpretative quantum physics, including the quote carved on the side of the sculpture, which in full reads “The charges of matter are the energy debts of light” referencing the famous Dirac equation.

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