The First Atom of the Universe II

Material used: Polyurethane foam, metal paint and Worbla thermoplastic.

DEDICATION: A tribute to Nobel Laureate Emeritus Professor Brian Josephson, to be installed at the Cavendish Laboratories, the Department of Physics, The University of Cambridge, England.

Hydrogen was the first atom in the universe and, from it, came all the atoms and isotopes of the periodic table. These atoms were built like Lego units by combinations of hydrogen atoms in the furnaces of distant stars and distributed through the cosmos by enormous supernova explosions. These elements underwent chemical combinations to create complex chemicals.  Ultimately, chemistry transitioned to biology and life in all its dazzling diversity was born. The hydrogen atom is the Mother of all matter creation. The popcorn effect in the folds of the electron orbitals represent quantum matter being constantly created and destroyed, generated by gauge force fields which swirl around matter.