Dinner with some fellows from Cavendish Labs at Trinity College

After the unveiling of “The First Atom in the Universe (II),” on Friday, May 31st, I had dinner with some fellows from Cavendish Labs, hosted by Professor Mike Payne and Professor Brian Josephson and his wife Carol at Trinity College, organized by Professor Claudio Castelnovo. It was a great pleasure to gather together for this […]

The unveiling of “Essay on Reticulations” at Wolfson College, Cambridge.

On Tuesday, May 28th, at 6:30 p.m., the unveiling of “Essay on Reticulations,” a new sculptural work donated to Wolfson College, took place. This artwork is a tribute to Professor Jane Clarke, President of Wolfson College, in recognition of her landmark work on protein folding, a subject close to my heart. I am somewhat obsessed […]

Visiting my glass engraving at Fort St George pub in Cambridge

On Monday, May 27th, my wife, Tom and I had dinner with Professor Paul and Jane Luzio, Professor Ken Siddle and his wife Anne at the Fort St George pub, where I have a glass engraving. This glass window was engraved by me at the Fort St George pub (Cambridge) in 1981 while I was […]

Meeting my Wolfson College Mentee in Cambridge

As some of you know, I’m participating in an entrepreneurial mentoring program at Wolfson College, Cambridge. This Sunday, May 26th, evening my wife, Tom and I met my Wolfson mentee and her partner at the famous Eagle Pub in Cambridge, where the “Book of Life” was announced in 1953. Behind us is the plaque commemorating […]

A week in Cambridge: Donating my Artworks.

From Saturday, May 25th to Saturday, June 1st, I will be in Cambridge to donate many of my artworks to various professors in the University of Cambridge departments. These individuals have inspired my work, and I want to pay tribute to them. This week will be filled with unveilings, dinners, reunions, and small trips around […]

“The Green Fuse” Masterclass at Centre Cultural La Mercè (Girona)

On Tuesday, March 12th, 2024, at 6:00 p.m., “The Green Fuse” masterclass  took place, given by Nigel Ten Fleming, PhD in Clinical Biochemistry and current sculptor specializing in the theme “Nature Writ Large” at the Centre Cultural La Mercè (Girona, Spain). During the event, his sculpture “The Green Fuse” was exhibited, a piece inspired by […]